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have something kind of interesting to show you from arlington texas ballpark yesterday afternoon. this scared everybody to death. take a look. >> in realtime this is what happened here. >> oh. >> they left the field. players said okay, we're done. >> sounded like a cannon going off. >> seriously. any time you hear thunder you have to take cover and neff should not have been on the field there. -- thieved not have been on the field there. -- they should not have been on the field there. >> let's talk about our temperatures, finally got a break but look at this. 100 on thursday and friday, 105 saturday, just missed the all time record high by one and 102 yesterday. i think we'll end up about 86 today, even below average. our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, 86 right now, dew point 59. that's fantastic. you could probably open the windows if you're in the burbs tonight. winds easterly at 11, pressure 29.94 beginning to rise. live doppler 9000 shows showers and a few thunderstorms south of fredericksburg. i'll keep the chance of a shower in for a little while. the
died. the 34-year-old became famous playing jefferson. he died at his home in el paso, texas. no word on a cause of death. >> coming up, the national zoo's three month oldcheetah cub gets to show off to the public for the first time. >> mitt romney switches from the economy to a new line of attack on president obama. i'm danielle nottingham in washington. i'll have the story coming up. >>> as mitt romney prepares for an overseas trip, he is launching an assault on president obama's policy. the candidate used the speech before the veteran's to make his case. >> it's the same place where the president touted his national security record on monday. danielle nottingham reports. >> mitt romney took the stage at a veteran's conference in reno, ready to attack president obama's record as commander in chief. >> he has given trust where it is not earned, insult where it was not deserved and apology where it is not due. >> romney questioned the president's leadership for publicizing details about military operations in iraq and afghanistan. >> whoever provided classified information to t
. >> dangerous heat on the way. 9 weather alert code may go from yellow to red. >>> a texas grad student is in critical condition tonight after being mauled by two chimps at a sanctuary for abused chimps in south africa. the 26-year-old university of texas student was leading a tour at the time. those two chimps attacked andrew after he tried to retrieve a rock within their enclosure. witnesses say eberly climbed into a no go zone. doctors are treating overly and they are optimistic about his recovery. >>> children are in trouble with the law in england. after allegedly trying to snatch the olympic plane. it happened this morning, five national health service workers were running through the city when two boys somehow managed to evade security. they tried to grab the torch, but security guards ushered them away. >>> after alec baldwin and his 38-year-old yoga instructor are husband and wife. the actor married thomas over the weekend. among the guests, tina fey, and robert f. kennedy jr. baldwin was previously married to kim. they have a daughter who was also there. the reception took pla
points out there have been eight major studies in jurisdictions from north carolina to texas over the last ten years, including a big study in d.c. and all of them come to this conclusion, that the benefits of undergrounding don't outweigh the cost. rosa says if they do the calculations differently and look into other costs that we pay, perhaps it is worth it. he wants the study done again. live in college park, scott broom, 9news now. >> based on what we are going through this summer. that might change the calculation. >> pepco under fire tonight and it's not just from the customers. it's the local politicians. d.c. mayor blasted the power company this morning on cnn and thomas graham responded. >> the answer we have gotten is that the power will have 90% of the people who are out restored by friday. this has to be put in context. this is not the first time. this happened repeatedly. we had power outage after power outage. frankly the people are fed up with it. >> mother nature isn't something i can control. you can't control the storm, can't control the damage that takes pla
in fort worth, texas, in 1910. but the new orleans pie factory, which opened in 1922 was the only one left. the companies individually wrapped pies. it is unclear what started the fire. >>> an alexandria woman is no longer the chicken wing eating champion of the world. sonya was the championship going in. the professional competitive eater, known as the black widow, was the only woman in the contest. the idea is pretty simple. the winner who is whoever can eat the most wings in ten minutes. when all the wings were counted up, thomas had lost. she got beat by the hot dog eating champion known as joey chestnut. >> a big technique food. it took a lot of practice. i had to go to hooters quite a bit. >> competitive eating is the best sport it is. it demonstrates the triumph of the human spirit. it is just a person with the food. it's a biological imperative. who can eat most quickly? who can survive? >> it's not the greatest sport there is. chestnut ate a total of -- take home the $5700 cash prize. >> watching them is like an appetite suppressant. >> a police officer caught on video using h
territory. >> hello texas. >> to target some of the country's wealthiest donors and his latino and gay supporters. at a fund raising stop in san antonio, he again pointed to romney's time as ceo of bane capital. >> i don't want pioneers of outsourcing in the white house. i want somebody who believes in insourcing. let's bring those jobs back home. >> president argued that his opponent believes prosperity comes from the top down. >> i believe in fighting on behalf of working families and giving them opportunity. >> the obama campaign also followed romney to pennsylvania with a one-day tv ad. flaming the former governor's refusal to release more than two years of his personal tax returns. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> now at this point, even some republicans have been calling for the former massachusetts governor to release those tax returns, but romney says in compliance with the law and he'll put out his 2011 return when he gets the paperwork together. >> president obama and first lady, michelle, were caught on camera showing a little love last night. >> the obama
. the small eatery is credited with helping to introduce texas style bbq to washington. the higher cost of doing business in that area and increased food prices for his restaurants demise. >>> it was bikini day on capitol hill today. that is veggie bikini day. the protesters turned out in bikinis, some made in lettuce to promote a national hot dog month. they prefer national veggie day instead. >>> free slurpees for everybody. offering customers free small. you better hurry, they are only available until 7:00 tonight. >>> coming up, the same federal agency that urges everyone to be prepared in case of the big one is issuing a guide to surviving the big day. >>> i'm meteorologist, topper shutt. we got a break in the pollen. tree pollen is still on the low side. we have grasses up there pretty darn high. weeds are low and mold spores in the medium range. we'll come back and talk about temperatures. we'll tell you when the heat will return. >>> but first, police let a thief off the hook, even after surveillance cameras capture the criminal stealing american flags from the cemetery. and don
. >>> investigators in south texas are trying to find the cause of a pickup truck crash that left at least 14 people dead, two of them children. police say 23 people were crammed inside the truck's cab and bed. thed for 250 pickup was heading north -- the ford 250 pickup was heading north positive a county highway when it slammed into two -- north on a county highway when it slammed into two trees. investigators say the occupants were illegal immigrants. >>> a piper plane landed safely last night on a highway in escondido and nobody was hurt. traffic was light at the time. one driver did clip one wing of the plane and his pickup was slightly damaged. >>> and a bear causing commotion inside a pittsburgh area mall over the weekend. if a bear comes in, that will cause a commotion. shoppers were evacuated after the bear cub was spotted running into a sears using one of the automated doors. the pennsylvania game commission was called in and tranquilized the bear. officers say the bear was wearing a tracking collar, but they're not sure where that came from. >>> the ncaa took unprecedented action today ag
over texas heat any day. so you know, i feel comfortable out here. but it will be fun. as long as you don't pay attention to the elements and let them play a factor, then you should be okay. i mean, if it's cold outside. i have seen guys do it before. i probably won't, but they play football with no shirts on when it's 20 degrees outside. it's about your mind set. if you come outside saying man, it's hot, you're probably going to have a bad day. >> you lifted at 217, did you intentionally lose a couple pounds? >> no, i'm actually 225 today. but it doesn't matter to me what my weight is. one of the vets told me, in college they tell you to weigh a certain weight, but in the pros, you play what you are comfortable at. as long as i'm 218 to 225, i should be fine. >> it sounds like staying humble has helped you gain the trust and respect of your teammates. are you the first guy in, last guy out kind of a player? >> i think they see how hard i work. how hard a lot of these guys work. i talk about little things, whether it is picking up on what fletcher has done to last so long, or con
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9